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S-factor is a plant based Swiss Apple (Uttwiler Spatlauber) Stemcell Medicinal Food. Fortified with 18 other antioxidants. It's harvested during budding stage and processed in powder form. It has the ability to reverse and help your body heal itself from all kinds of degenerative conditions.

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Benefits of S-FACTOR Product

The product contains Stem cell for : Replicating healthy cells, repairing damaged tissues, rejuvenating aged cells, restoring sick cells, replacing dead cells and cleansing blood. As an anti-oxidant it further ensures cell health , corrects hormonal imbalances and contains anti-aging components.

Benefits of Hydating Toning Lotion (200ml)

The product is in form of Capusles with the benefits below;
Activation dermis cell renewal and promote cell growth Whiten the skin, reducing the formation of melanin Improve skin dull and large pores Smooth pores, regulate oil secretion oily or combination skin To enhance skin moisturizing ability Effectively eliminate wrinkles and scar repair Soothing effect Reversing youth

Benefits of SwisPremium B'tox Cream

This is a luxurious, high nutritious cream rich in active ingredients selected to combat signs of aging, rejuvenate and renew skin giving a person healthy and youthful glamorous skin!

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Frequently Asked Question!

Our general health is affected by a couple of things:





žRadiation (electro-magnetic & UV)

žDrug and injection

žPoor dieting

žStress & depression


The time taken to see results varies from patient to patient. The longer the patient has suffered from the disease the longer the time taken to heal completely.

Stem Cell is being manufactured in Switzerland by Mibelle Biochemistry lab.

No, this Medicinal Food does not have any known side effects because it is manufactured from nature’s very best ingredients plants and animals ( fish collagen) with no additives

Stem cell will go through our nerves travel to the brain and provide a signal where they need to repair and regenerate the cells.

Suitable for the entire family, all ages, men and women, including vegetarians and children.

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